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In order to build relationship among football lovers and activate football competition in Cambodia, Amatak Park (known as RooY7 Sport Club) is planning to host a new season of our football tournament called Amatak Football League 2014 from our previous name RooY7 Football League.



The tournament will be held in the artificial field 7A at RooY7 Sport Club which located at lot No 206 St 598, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Sen Sok District, Phnom Penh (approximately 1Km from Camko City).



This tournament is called “Amatak Football League”. Teams (according to the number of teams register) will be selected and play against each other as the League System. Which is means that winning in one match will be given 3 points and 1 point for draw. If the point is equal, we will check follow the head to head system then aggregate goals, and the goals the team score to find the winner.

            We also use Home & Away System this season which means each team will meet the opponent 2 times in the Amatak Football League.

            Top 4 teams from Amatak Football League will be qualified to play another tournament called “Amatak Fair Cup” which will play as Cup System.



  • Team registration will be a group of more than 10 players with 15 maximum (players and substitutes)
  • Only one professional player who plays in Metfone Cambodia Football League from 2013 allowed to joins in this tournament for each team.
  • Teams need to pay for the pitch fee in the price of USD 23 per match.
  • Teams will register with the list of their members, 2 photos (4x6), and the photocopy of National ID card for each player.
  • Team will have their own 2 jerseys with number and name for each player. Note: Team MUST include jersey color in registration form.
  • Teams in the right side of the schedule (home) will change the uniform follow the left side teams in the schedule (away) if both uniforms look similar.
  • Team will have reserve jersey to wear for the substitutes.
  • The team will deposit 100$ for reserve cash. (Teams can claim this money back after the end of tournament). In case, this reserve cash is 50% deduct because of the penalty, team need to deposit 50% more in order to continue in the tournament.
  • Team Captain will take responsible for the action of the team and act as the manager of the team.

Match Condition

            The match is divides into 2 half with 35 minutes each and 10 minutes rest after the first half. The players who got a red card in the match will be send off the match and ban for 1 match. Players who got yellow card 2 matches will be ban for 1 match. Ban is mean that the player cannot play for the next following match. The match will be play with 1 referee and 1 official from our sport club. The team allowed to makes 8 substitutes (no In-Out). The match will be play with 14 players in the field; 7 for each teams. Each team must have at least 5 players to start the match. The substitutes have to inform the official before entering the field and wear reserve jersey outside the field.


Term of Condition

            Players will be allowed to enter the field after checking their name and photos in the list. Official will be responsible for checking these information. The teams will arrive to the field 30 minute before the match for complete form. In cast the team late 20 minutes for the match, the other team will win automatically with the score 4-0. The match will be start after the captain from both teams complete the player list for each match with 7 in-field and 8 out-field.



            Beside the trophy for a winner team there still have several award to give for both individual and team as follow:

-       Medal for winner

-       Player of the tournament

-       Golden Boot ( player who score the most)


. In case the number of player of the match (For choosing player of the Tournament) are equal we will give priority to the player discipline then how success the team.

. In case the number of goal (For choosing Golden Boot) are equal we will give priority to the player discipline then how success the team.



            Reward that the winner team will get is 1,500,000 Riels in cash.

            The runners-up team will get 300,000 Riels in cash.

            Player of the tournament will get 120,000 Riels in cash.

Player who scored the most will get 120,000 Riels in cash.

            The match will play on Saturday and Sunday 4:00PM for the first match and 5:30PM for the

second match. There are 4 matches play in 1 week; 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday.          

            (The schedule still can change according to the number of the teams).



            Discipline and Fair Play are what we always concerned the most. Teams will deduct the money from their reserve cash for these following reasons:

  • Yellow card will deduct 2.5$ per card
  • Red Card will deduct 5$ per card
  • Team that absent from the match will deduct 50$ per match.
  • The team will deduct 50$ and deduct 5 points for making problem such as fighting or walk out the field until the official decided to cancel the match.

The money will go to the Amatak Fair Cup winner’s prize.


(Amatak Park and the tournament officer got the right to change those terms of condition and requirement according to the appropriate condition).

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