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Amatak Community Cup is a newly tournament here. Two teams from latest season will be selected to compete in this competition to opening the tournament of Amatak Football League.Two teams that will select are Champion of Amatak Football League (aka RooY7 Football League) and Amatak Division (aka RooY7 Division).


Amatak Community Cup 2014

Amatak Community Cup 2014 was joint by Ov Mal Football Club champion of RooY7 Football League 2013 with Seng Birdnest FC champion of RooY7 Division 2013. The game played on Staurday 23th August, 2014 and Ov Mal FC crowed the champion of this season with the result 6-2 and player number 14. Nhek Thalida from Ov Mal FC named as Man of the Match.